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10 Tips to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day!


Dear Bride,

It’s getting to be close to your wedding day. The details are falling into place. Three to six months out from your wedding– It’s time to start thinking about your appearance and what you can do to maximize the wow factor on your wedding day.

Here are my top 10 tips to look your best on your wedding day, and feel like a celebrity in the process.

#1 – Drink a LOT of Water

look your best for your wedding

Make your skin glow for REAL, not just shimmery highlighter. Water is very healthy for your body, but it’s effect on your skin is enormous. Being chronically dehydrated really shows up in your face. Water also helps us detox, helping to prevent and heal acne and breakouts, plus you’ll feel so much more energized. For that really healthy glowing-from-within look, it’s important to be consistent with drinking enough water. Start now by aiming for a gallon of water every day!


Pro Tip: Set some reminders on your phone throughout the day so you don’t forget!

#2 – Avoid Sun Damage

wedding day tan lines

This one’s a biggie! Long-term, too much sun will make the wrinkles and spots come out much faster. Short term, sun burns and dry, peeling skin are a nightmare to try and clear up before your wedding day! It only takes one sunburn in May to ruin your décolletage dreams with your stunning dress. Covering up tan lines from an accidental sunburn is the NUMBER ONE last minute request from moms and brides. Please wear sunscreen each time you leave the house. I’m begging you on my hands and knees.


Pro Tip: Wearing a sun hat will help shade your face and décolletage. Find a super cute one and go full Audrey Hepburn starting in early May.

#3 – Invest in Great Skincare

destination wedding idaho makeup artist

Your makeup is only as good as your skincare. Professionals know this, which I why I stock the good stuff in my kit. You can invest in having amazing hydrated skin every day by simply washing your face and applying skincare every morning and night. With the right products, it doesn’t take much time at all. Make it an essential part of your routine and watch as your skin transforms and your true inner glow appears! I LOVE this line of skincare

Pro Tip: Get the everything bundle! It’s so worth it.

#4 – Get Regular Facials

tips to look great for your wedding

Getting a facial is not just a pampering experience, it’s a great way to keep your skin healthy and fresh. If you’ve never had one before, I highly recommend it! It’s also a way to help problem skin deal with it’s issues. A facial will leave your skin so smooth and soft, you actually DON’T want to get one within one week of your wedding, as your makeup might slip too much! This is a problem when you need your makeup to last all day and night.

Pro Tip: Start getting facials a few months before your wedding so your skin is in peak condition for the big day!

#5 – Watch WHAT You are Eating

Skin Tips for weddings SpokaneFor a lot of people with problem skin, food sensitivities and gut issues are often the root of the problem. Acne and breakouts are one of the body’s ways of dealing with toxins in our system. If you are worried about your skin breaking out, do some testing to figure out if you have food triggers. The most common are dairy and gluten. If you have chronic acne, consider going to see a naturopath to see if they can help you with gut health. Eating lots of organic fruits and veggies, and avoiding oily foods will help a lot!


Pro Tip: If you have chronic acne or oiliness, drugstore and even some more expensive face washes may not help you! They often dry out the skin way too much, leaving your skin thirsty. When your skin is really thirsty, it creates more oil to compensate. You’d be much better served by using a sensitive skin friendly moisturizing product (like this) and/or going to see an esthetician who can recommend the right products for you.

#6 – Tanning

look best for wedding

IF you are planning on tanning for your wedding day bronze goddess look, please don’t try and do it with the sunshine, unless you are an expert-level sun bum and are 100% sure you won’t burn any lines into your face, neck, back, or arms. Spray tans are a great option, if you go to a reputable company. Make sure and go test out the look you want a month or two before the wedding. Having your tan in place before your wedding makeup preview session is a good idea.

Pro Tip: If you feel up to it, you can do self tanner at home, though streaks are a danger. I like this self tanning lotion. Be sure to get a self tanning mitt, and read up on how to get the best results before trying for the first time. Don’t try for the first time the day before any important event or occasion.

#7 – Consider Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions for Wedding

If you are worried about mascara running down your face, bawling through your vows, or simply feel like mascara is a pain in the tushie in general, lash extensions may be something to consider. They are super nice for your honeymoon! You can wake up every day with comfortable, luscious lashes and throw your mascara and lash glue in the bin! If you are interested in lash extensions, it’s best to get them applied a month or two before your wedding so you have time to see if you like them, and make sure that the glue doesn’t bother your eyes.

Pro tip: Lash extensions are bonded with a permanent glue to your individual lashes. Our lashes have a natural regeneration cycle, where they reach a certain length, and fall out. You probably haven’t noticed this because you wear mascara. When we run a mascara wand through our lashes the loose ones leave with it. You will need to go in for a fill appointment on your extensions every 3-6 weeks so that they stay looking full and pretty.

#8 – Consider Hair Extensions

top ten tips to look your best on wedding day spokane

Wanting to wear your hair down for the wedding, or are you looking at some very full and flowy updos? Chances are you’ve been on Pinterest looking for inspiration for your wedding hairstyle. If you’re looking at romanic braids, full, curly, and romantic low buns, or even just not happy with how much volume and length your own hair has, it’s a good idea to invest in some extensions for your wedding. 100% human hair extensions will hold curl well, and help your own hair hold it’s curl longer for wearing your hair down. You will need to order them in advance to have ready at your preview session, so talk to your stylist early to see if they are a good fit for your needs.

Pro Tip: I recommend these extensions. The price point is good and you get a lot of hair. The color choice is good, and you can take them to your regular hair stylist to have them dyed to match your hair color. I’ve had more than one client tell me that they matched their hair perfectly without dying them! They probably won’t stand up to repeated daily use, but having them for special occasions is very nice!

#9 – Don’t Forget About the Groom

look your best for wedding coeur dalene

As brides we are expecting to spend more than the usual time and money on looking our best for the wedding, but what about the groom? He will be in all the photos too. Make sure that he’s scheduled to get a nice haircut before the wedding. Some men even like to go into a barber on the morning of the wedding for a nice shave and to have their hair styled by a pro.

Most men do not take care of their skin. Simple steps to minimize dry skin, redness, and breakouts would be to begin using a cleanser, and daily moisturizer. Matte lip balm can help heal dry, cracking lips without extra shine. Go shopping in the men’s department at Ulta, Nordstroms, or Keihls and find a line of skincare that he likes the SMELL of. If he likes how it smells, he’ll be much more likely to put it on his face.

Pro Tip: There’s a secret profession- Men’s Grooming. Pretty much any male celebrity, sports star, or public figure who’s ever been on video, a billboard, in a magazine, on stage, in a movie or on the red carpet has had the help of a professional makeup artist who specializes in men’s grooming.  Your groom can look just as dapper! Rachel Jordan Beauty offers day-of men’s grooming services– cleaning up redness and shine with invisible makeup and minimal fuss. 

#10 – Look to the Red Carpet for Inspiration

wedding makeup inspiration spokane brideMost of the images on the pinterest search “Wedding Hair” are at least 3-5 years old. Wedding professionals see the same photos hundreds of time every year. To really look for fresh, on-trend, yet timeless inspiration, look at photos from the red carpet! Most red carpet looks are formal and tasteful with a little twist that makes it new and fresh. The current masters in the beauty industry all showcase their work on the red carpet. It’s a much better place to find the unique inspiration you are looking for.


Pro Tip: Another reason that the red carpet is a better place to look is because most of the images are not photoshopped, so you are looking at real people who had to wear that look for many hours. Photos on Pinterest are often posed inspirational photoshoots and might not actually be practical for wearing all day for your wedding and holding up through the reception. 

Thank you for reading my top 10 tips to look your best on your wedding day! I hope my thoughts have been helpful to you and that you feel prepared to look and feel like a celebrity for your wedding.

If you are still looking for a bridal stylist to help you with your beauty services for your wedding, Rachel Jordan Beauty specializes in world-class, full service weddings including all day touchups, airbrushed makeup, men’s grooming, and much much more. Based out of Spokane, Washington, Rachel Jordan Beauty is available for local and destination events. Contact Rachel Jordan Beauty today to see if we are available for your event and to set up a complimentary phone consultation.

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