Destination makeup artist Coeur d alene IdahoFAQ

“What products do you use?”

We use professional and luxury products in our kits. No specific brands for our whole kit. We use what we know will WORK!

“Is there a discount if I book a large party?”

We do not give discounts for large parties. Larger parties require contracting more additional artists, at an additional cost.

“My bridesmaids are planning on paying for themselves. Can you do that?”

Your bridal agreement will be between you and Rachel Jordan Beauty. All payment will be between those two parties. If your bridal party is paying for their services themselves,you are responsible for managing and collecting those payments and paying the total bill on time.

“What is a Preview Session?”

A Preview Session is an appointment to try on your bridal hair and makeup. RJB’s clients book their wedding date 6-12 months in advance and come in for their Preview Session 30-60 days before their event.
We work with a lot of destination clients and will find a date that works for you and fits in with our busy wedding schedule.

At your appointment we will go over the details of your look, your likes and dislikes, and at the end have THE look you want for your big day. You can even bring your dress and veil to try on to see the whole effect!

“Can I use my preview session beauty services on the day of my Engagement Photos or my Bridal Shower?”

This is not recommended, even though it is a suggestion from a lot of bridal publications. At your preview session we will be focused on one thing: creating THE LOOK for your wedding day. We will replicate that exact look (plus any adjustments you have) on your wedding day. You don’t want the exact same look for your wedding for your other occasions, do you?

We do offer engagement beauty services and you can absolutely come in for an appointment before your bridal shower or bachelorette party so you feel like you look your best!

“Can I bring members of my party to my preview session?”

We have a small studio space that can comfortably fit 1-2 additional people if you would like to bring your mother, your best friend, etc. Just make sure they are there to support YOU! At the end of the day, you are the one who needs to be happy about how you look and feel. Do not bring your fiancé!


Rave Review from a Happy Client:

sandpoint makeup artist“My hair and makeup was so beautiful and it really made me feel like a princess. Rachel was very professional and warm in all of our correspondence leading up to the day and she did such a good job! Completely worth every penny!”

– Ariel, Tacoma, WA