Yay! Thank you for your purchase! This time-saving document is all yours to use! Click the link below and you will be prompted to make a copy of the document into your google drive. This link will also be emailed to you. I recommend using the document on google drive, but you can also download it as an Excel document if that works better for you.


After the document is copied into your google drive,

STEP 1. Check the tabs at the bottom of your window, and make sure you go first to the “START HERE” tab. Fill out your business information on that page. (The document will not work without all the information filled out!)

STEP 2. Check the tabs at the bottom of your window, look at the “LEDGEND” tab. This will tell you what the different elements of the document look like, and what you should and should not erase.

STEP 3. Make another copy of the document onto your Google Drive, just in case you break the formulas. To keep the cost low, RJB will not be providing customer service after purchase. You can purchase a new copy if your document is broken beyond your repair.

STEP 4. Input your client’s information and be amazed at your quote easily generated for you within SECONDS!